EC motors operate up to 2,400 rpm

EC motors operate up to 2,400 rpm

NovaTorque’s 2400 rpm versions of its 3hp through 15hp models have rated efficiencies of 93.5 to 95%.

This design has opened the door to the creation of motor models with new speed ratings, says the company.  This will allow designers to select a motor with a rating much closer to the ideal operating range of the fan. In many cases, the motor will be one full frame size smaller than the alternative AC induction motor, reducing weight, cost, and possibly VFD size.

The range features a 30% to 50% reduction in motor losses and 5% to 20% reduction in energy usage when compared with NEMA Premium induction motors, says the company.  They are compatible with all leading VFD brands and produced in NEMA dimensions for easy substitution. The all-ferrite magnet design allows them to be priced competitive with AC induction motors, says NovaTorque.


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