App calculates benefits of using VSDs

An App from ABB, the AVP energy toolkit, is designed to show the benefits of using variable-speed drives (VSDs) and electric motors to replace direct-on-line starting, energy, CO2 and money saved.

Within the App, users select their industry and whether they have a pump or fan application along with their energy cost, motor rating, voltage and operating hours. It produces an instant mini-report to show the potential savings that can be realised.

The report contains details of a matched ABB motor-drive package and includes the energy savings, in MW hours that the recommended package can achieve.

Details of the recommended VSDs and/or motors can be sent directly to one of ABB’s authorised value providers if selected by the user. The nearest authorised value provider is identified by matching the users’ location details with that of the partner network. There is also a ‘Find my AVP’ function that allows the nearest ABB authorised value provider to be located using the user’s GPS location, allowing an engineer authorised by ABB to be contacted anywhere in the UK.

Manuals, catalogues and brochures for ABB’s drives, motors and auxiliary equipment range can be accessed in the App, giving users up-to-date resources and product information.

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