Liquid ring pumps for fly ash handling

Liquid ring pumps from Edwards are for fly ash handling, an application in coal-fired power generation plants. The SHR range of single stage liquid ring pumps provides the optimum vacuum

Magnet drive pumps with lightweight brushless DC motors

The high performance range of Micropump leak free, pulseless magnet drive pumps are now available with all-new compact and lightweight electromagnetic brushless DC motors which provide increased torque and power. Available through

Rotary pumps have low energy consumption

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps Uno 3 and Uno 6 feature low energy consumption of no more than 150 watts. Their low weight makes them suitable for integration

Single stage liquid ring pumps

Edwards’ SHR single stage liquid ring pumps are for fly ash handling, a challenging application in coal-fired power generation plants. The company says the single stage pump construction of the new

SFP-Series split flow hydraulic pumps

For multi-point lifting applications and when lifting loads on multiple points, the SFP-Series electrically driven split flow hydraulic pumps from Enerpac are an alternative to using separately operated pumps. Split