Compressors have twin-cylinder design

Thomas has launched the 2380 series twin WOB-L® piston oil-less air compressor.  The series is designed for pressure/vacuum and high flow, with suitability for a range of applications including medical, dental, industrial packaging/printing, and environmental in pond aeration.

The 2380 provides 100 psi (6.9 bar) max pressure with open flow of 2.3 cfm (65 l/min).  The new 2380 series is fan-cooled and has a one-piece monolithic head.  Weighing 12 pounds, the 2380 is 9.31” (236.5 mm) long x 5.14” (130.6 mm) wide x 6.73” (171 mm) high.  Its compact design, makes it ideal for use in various applications, while the twin-cylinder design provides long-life reliability with low vibration and quiet operation.


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