Dry claw vacuum pumps habe low lifecycle costs

Dry claw vacuum pumps habe low lifecycle costs

Atlas Copco has developed a dry claw vacuum pump, the DZS, suitable for applications from central systems in hospitals to pneumatic conveying, CNC routing or milking parlors. Claw vacuum pumps offer non-contact and dry pumping chambers with high performance and power efficiency, based on simplicity.

Manufactured on the fundamentals of Atlas Copco compressor design, these pumps feature innovative construction materials and coatings. With vacuum pumps most of the process gasses go through the pump; this has a tendency to cause premature failure which can be catastrophic. The DZS however features stainless steel claws and a corrosion resistant pumping chamber as standard – for reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

After a process upset, unless you remove the claws a full clean cannot be guaranteed; removing the claws results in a retiming of the gears which in turn requires the gearbox to be stripped –a time consuming task. However, the new DZS design offers removable claws which are easy to clean, change seals and reassemble without touching the drivetrain, saving a massive amount of downtime and expense. The modular design of the pumping chamber, gearbox and silencer results in a simple to manage pump that can be partially replaced rather than wholly scrapped in the case of major failure due to process upsets.


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