Grid technology extends bearing life

Flowserve has announced new Bearing Gard bearing isolator upgrade technology. Enhanced with the latest in electrical grounding capabilities, it’s designed to extend bearing life and reduce operating costs for motors driven by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).
In recent years, VFDs have grown in popularity because of their ability to deliver greater system efficiency, extend motor life and optimize operating costs, says the company. However, VFDs operate by delivering power to the motor in a series of positive and negative pulses, which often results in unbalanced voltage that can accumulate in the motor shaft until it can find a path to ground.
Without proper grounding between the shaft and the motor housing, the bearings often become the path to ground. The resulting electrical discharge can drastically damage or even destroy the bearings in just a few months of service. Flowserve developed new Bearing Gard technology to directly address this challenge. With integrated electrical grounding protection in place, substantial elimination of shaft voltage is achieved, which helps to significantly extend bearing life.
The Bearing Gard resists contamination at the entry point with its patented triple combination of static shut-off, O-ring-protected rotor/stator interface, and oversized contamination channels.
Newly added AEGIS grounding ring technology is designed to provide protection against bearing damage due to electrical discharge and/or fluting. This technology provides consistent and reliable current-diversion methods, discharging harmful shaft voltage to the ground instead of through the bearing.

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