Heat pump adjusts operating capacity

Heat pump adjusts operating capacity

Advanced modulating technology in the Coleman LX Series 16 SEER/9.0 HSPF heat pump from Johnson Controls can contributes to even temperatures and lower operating costs, says the company. The unit adjusts its operating capacity to provide quiet, efficient operation as it adjusts heating and cooling levels up or down to provide only what is actually needed to condition the space.

Reducing compressor speed and decreasing airflow also allows the system to operate longer without drastically over-cooling the space, improving dehumidification. In colder weather, a demand defrost feature minimizes heat pump operation, removing frost on the outdoor coil far more effectively than time methods.

The LX Series also features durable powder painted steel coil guards that provide protection against corrosion and coil damage. An engineered and balanced, direct-drive fan design that minimises vibration and sound.

Coils optimised for efficient airflow and effective refrigerant circulation give optimal heat transfer.


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