Magnet motors are for low speed direct drive applications

Magnet motors are for low speed direct drive applications

NovaTorque’s 600 RPM versions of its PremiumPlus Electronically Commutated Permanent Magnet (ECPM) Motors are available from 0.75 HP to 3 HP models.  These versions are for driving larger diameter fans at low speeds, enabling the elimination of the costs, maintenance, and efficiency losses associated with belts and pulleys.

The 600 RPM motor is energy efficient, says the company, reducing motor losses (wasted energy) by as much as 50%. Overall energy usage is reduced by 4% to 20%, depending on operating speeds, with the largest percentage savings at partial rated speed. These models have lower current requirements (FLA) than AC induction motor alternatives, often reducing the costs of the associated variable frequency drives and auxiliary electrical components, says NovaTorque.

Patented geometry allows for the use of low cost, ferrite magnets.

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