Pump features large capacity

Pump features large capacity

The BA100K diesel driven 4” solids handling pump from BA Pumps guarantees the best pumping performance combined with the lowest cost of maintenance and minimal exhaust emissions, says the company.

The pump features a capacity of over 190 m3/hour (836 US GPM) and a maximum head of 22 mwc (73 ft.).

Driven by a single-cylinder diesel engine with a calculated maximum fuel consumption of 1.75 litre/hour, it features a large free passage of 82 mm (3.23″).

Service interval has increased from 500 operational hours normal for standard engines to 1500 hours and changing oil and replacing filters has  become easier, says the company.


The RF system, an exhaust module developed by BBA provides the capability to equip the pump with an optional soot filter/catalytic module, reducing emissions to virtually zero.


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