Water-cooled K1W motors unveiled during recent SPS IPC drives event

WEG recently unveiled a new K1W series of water-cooled motors during the SPS IPC Drives in Germany.

WEG, which is a worldwide manufacturer of motor and drive technology, said the K1W motors can be found in energy-efficient class IE3 with rated power of 700kW and compact dimensions.

It’s got an array of application options that produce a significant range of distribution opportunities. They can be used for many things such as injection molding, printing presses, wire drawing machines, mixers, extruders, etc. Antriebstechnik KATT Hessen, a German subsidiary of WEG, created and manufactured the new motor series.

AKH Managing Director Uwe Guthardt said the K1W series is a new group water-cooled motors that are reasonably priced and can address the requirements of a host of applications with its array of options. They are also good when power is needed, but the noise is not in a confined space.

Guthardt said this line of motors is best for two reasons:

  • External fans would blow too much dust into the air
  • Heat from motor isn’t eliminated easily due to atmosphere

The new motor series was developed to meet the vibration level A specification, which is a protected class IP55 and insulation class F. There is a 200 to 355mm shaft height on the available motors.

The bearing shells and motor casing on the standard version comprise of the material steel.

When it comes to electrical options, there is optimisation for adjustable speed drive operation and special frequencies and voltages. The K1W motors’ mechanical options comprise of automatic lubrication, electrically-isolated bearings, flange or foot mounting and water-cooled shafts. The drive parts include back stops, holding brakes and shock absorbers.


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